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Tuesday 16th October

9.30-11.00 Opening Plenary

Part 1 : Address from Canadian political representative

Part 2 : Panel discussion: Digital Transformation - Brave New World or New Normal?

  • Robert Bigler, COO & Director of Product, eBay Canada
  • Nicole Verkindt, Founder, OMX, "Dragon", Next Gen Den
  • Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President & Global Head, Unisys
  • Yuree Hong, Founder, SHE Blockchainers, Asia
  • Arnaud Lambert, CEO, CHAMP Cargosystems


11.00 Ribbon Cutting


11.30-12.30  How Blockchain will deliver smart and secure supply chains

Blockchain goes much further than a hackproof method of holding and exchanging money, it can be the answer to many of the issues hampering over complicated supply chains, delivering benefits from smart contracts to automated cold chain management.

  • Daniel MacGregor, Director of Marketing and Sales, Nexiot​
  • Yuree Hong, Founder, SHE Blockchainers, Asia
  • Michael Morey, Director Advanced Cargo Solutions, Franwell Inc.
  • Elizabeth Henderson, Senior Director, IT Strategy & Innovation, Purolator
  • ​Dean Croke, Chief Analytics Officer, FreightWaves and BiTA


2.00-3.00  The fifth industrial revolution - humans and robots collaborate

With consumers demanding ever more personalization and customization, tech visionaries are predicting a fifth industrial revolution, increasing collaboration in manufacturing between humans and the smart systems already powering Industry 4.0.  Industry 5.0 will enhance machine and human roles with resulting increase in productivity, unlocking new potential. 

  • Dan Marquez, National Leader of Products Technology Strategy, Accenture
  • Zeke Ziliak, Global Vice President Transportation and Logistics Industries, PROS
  • Robert Chanona, Managing Director, Solutions, DSV​
  • Mike Maris, Senior Director of Transportation and Logistics, Zebra Technologies


3.30 - 4.30  Air Cargo as an Enabler for Investment Activity

​Airports have long-served as hubs for various sorts of business activity, but increasingly there is a recognition that a range of global trade and cargo movement activities are benefited from proximity to an airport with strategic connections to important markets. Areas around an airport are often underdeveloped and given changing market requirements, there is tremendous upside investment attraction and development potential.  When strategically conceived and implemented, airport investments can help integrate vital transportation, trade, and economic goals.

  • Lois C. Yates, Partner, Global Logistics Development Partners
  • Clive Conde, Operating Partner, Ardian Airport Group and former Chairman of London Luton Airport
  • Brandon Fried, Executive Director, The Airforwarders Association
  • Jim Szczesniak, Airport Manager, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport


Wednesday 17th October

10.00-11.00 Unmanned freight aircraft

Drones are here to stay, offering the potential to carry cargo over short and long distances on routes which are unfeasible by other modes of transport.  But what are the safety implications and what does the business model look like?    

  • Sanjeev Gadhia, Founder and CEO, Astral Aviation (Chair)
  • Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder, Dromatics
  • Ed De Reyes, CEO, Sabrewing Aircraft
  • Aleksey Matyushev, CEO & Co-founder, Natilus


11.30-12.30  Are Inland Ports in North America over-hyped or are they the next Big Thing?

  • Key ingredients for success
  • Know your place in the market
  • Having quadrimodal capacity
  • Right logistics and investment partners
  • Two-way logistics strategy
  • Next-generation design and technology


  • Adam Wasserman, Managing Partner, Global Logistics Development Partners (Chair) 
  • Jonathan Lamb, President, Lake Superior Warehousing, Duluth Cargo Connect
  • Michael Murphy, Chief Development Officer, CenterPoint Properties
  • Michael Inman, Head of Business Development, Port of Prince Rupert


2.00-3.00  With the rail freight transportation market in North America forecast to grow by five percent by 2021, how are operators able to guarantee service quality and what investment will be needed to avoid capacity constraints?

  • Bob Ballantyne, President, Freight Management Association of Canada (Chair)
  • Ken Coffin, Assistant Vice-President Domestic Transportation, Canadian Tire
  • Keith Reardon, Vice President, Intermodal, CN Rail
  • Erik Bohn, Director Logistics & Customer Service Americas, Omya Inc.
  • Michael O Miller, CCO North America, Genesee & Wyoming Inc.


3.30 - 4.30  Blockchain - details TBC

  • Brian Glick, CEO,​



ACF Opening Times

Tues 16th October 2018 10:00 - 18:00

Wed 17th October 2018 10:00 - 18:00

Thurs 18th October 2018 10:00 - 15:00


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