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Tuesday 16th October

09.30 - 11.00   Plenary - Digital Transformation - Brave New World or New Normal?

In an age of so much change and disruptive innovation, how is the experience changing for the shipper?  What have been the most exciting developments over the last 20 years, and where are we now in our digital transformation?

  • Chair: Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President & Global Head, Unisys
  • Robert Bigler, COO & Director of Product, eBay Canada
  • Nicole Verkindt, Founder, OMX, "Dragon", Next Gen Den
  • Yuree Hong, Founder, SHE Blockchainers, Asia
  • Arnaud Lambert, CEO, CHAMP Cargosystems
  • Julian Pryke, COO, Meantime Communications (host)

11.00 Ribbon cutting

11.00-20.00 Exhibition open

11.30-12.30  Plenary – Air cargo development -Where we are now and where we want to be

The session will present the mix of views of the top representatives from the international associations embracing airports – ACI, airlines – IATA and the air cargo supply chain – TIACA on the current situation and the evolution of the air cargo industry. They will be tested by one of the most dynamic cargo airlines – Finnair.

  • Chair: Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA
  • Michael Rossell, Deputy Director General – External Affairs
  • Airports Council International (ACI) World
  • Glyn Hughes, Global Head of Cargo, IATA
  • William (Bill) Gottlieb, Past President, Past Chair, FIATA’s Airfreight Institute
  • Janne Tarvainen, Managing Director, Finnair Cargo Oy
  • Luc de Blieck, Deputy Director, Procedures and Facilitation, WCO​

13.00-14.00 Plenary – air cargo, what lies ahead – global trends and outlooks

Airfreight demand was up by nine percent in 2017, its strongest growth since 2010 and twice the pace of expansion in world trade, with revenues improving by 15 percent. Join our panel of experts to explore the latest trends and discuss future growth.

  • Chair: Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO, Jan de Rijk Logistics
  • Darren Hulst, Managing Director, Market Analysis & Sales Support, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Marco Bloemen, Senior Vice President, Seabury Group
  • Ken de Witt Hamer, Director Market Analysis and Commercial Development, WorldACD Market Data BV
  • Oliver Von-Tronchin, Head of Freighter Marketing, Airbus S.A.S

14.30-15.30  Building a transparent and quality driven air cargo supply chain – the shipper’s view

What does the customer really want and how can shippers work with the industry as it develops new initiatives to deliver a strong value proposition?

  • Chair: Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ (chair)
  • Denis Choumert, Chairman, European Shippers’ Council
  • James Hookham, Director and Secretary General, Global Shippers Forum
  • Ato Fitsum Abadi Gebrehawaria, Managing Director, Ethiopian Airlines
  • Bart Pouwels, Head of Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Lars Magnusson Business Architect Deliver, Ericsson 

14.30 - 15.30  How Blockchain will deliver smart and secure supply chains (Free to Attend)

Blockchain goes much further than a hackproof method of holding and exchanging money, it can be the answer to many of the issues hampering over complicated supply chains, delivering benefits from smart contracts to automated cold chain management.

  • Chair: Daniel MacGregor, Managing Director, Nexiot AG
  • Michael Morey, Director Advanced Cargo Solutions, Franwell Inc.
  • Elizabeth Henderson, Senior Director, IT Strategy & Innovation, Purolator
  • ​Dean Croke, Chief Analytics Officer, FreightWaves and BiTA
  • Brian Glick, CEO,
  • Yuree Hong, Founder, SHE Blockchainers Asia

16.00 - 17.00  The power of Blockchain and Big Data for Air Cargo

How can the industry benefit from the massive data collection, which is now becoming the norm and what can the air cargo industry expect to gain from emerging Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)? 

  • Chair: Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics
  • Andrew Schmahl, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Mike Powell, Vice President, Technology Solutions, SEKO Logistics
  • Paul Delbar, Solution Architect, Nallian
  • Ken Wood, Executive Vice President, Product Management, Descartes

16.00-17.00 The Fifth Industrial Revolution – humans and robots collaborate (Free to attend) 

With consumers demanding ever more personalization and customization, tech visionaries are predicting a fifth industrial revolution, increasing collaboration in manufacturing between humans and the smart systems already powering Industry 4.0.  Industry 5.0 will enhance machine and human roles with resulting increase in productivity, unlocking new potential. 

  • Chair:  Zeke Ziliak, Global Vice President Transportation and Logistics Industries, PROS
  • Dan Marquez, National Leader of Products Technology Strategy, Accenture
  • Robert Chanona, Managing Director, Solutions, DSV​
  • Mike Maris, Senior Director of Transportation and Logistics, Zebra Technologies

16.00-17.00 Live music and refreshments Hosted by Air Canada Cargo

17:30-19:30 Cocktail reception Hosted by France Cargo Handling


Wednesday 17th October

09.00-10.00   TIACA’s Cargo Service Quality tool – a step towards our industry’s transformation 

TIACA's new vision includes a focus on Clusters of industry players. The Airport Cluster has created a tool to measure and publish the cargo service quality delivered by airports and cargo terminals, which form a vital link in the supply chain. 

  • Chair: Sanjiv Edward, Head of Cargo Business, Delhi International Airport ​​
  • Cheemeng Wong, Senior Vice President, Cargo Services, SATS Ltd
  • Ramesh Mamidala, CEO, Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Ptv. Ltd
  • Denis Choumert, Chairman, European Shippers’ Council 

09.00 - 10.00 Air Cargo as an Enabler for Investment Activity (Free to attend)

Airports have long-served as hubs for various sorts of business activity, but increasingly there is a recognition that a range of global trade and cargo movement activities are benefited from proximity to an airport with strategic connections to important markets. Areas around an airport are often underdeveloped and given changing market requirements, there is tremendous upside investment attraction and development potential.  When strategically conceived and implemented, airport investments can help integrate vital transportation, trade, and economic goals.

  • Chair: Lois C. Yates, CEcD, Partner, Global Logistics Development Partners
  • Clive Condie, Operating Partner, Ardian Airport Group and former Chairman of London Luton Airport
  • Brandon Fried, Executive Director, The Airforwarders Association
  • Greg Russell, Vice President of Development, Aeroterm 

10.00-21.00 Exhibition open

10.15 - 11.15  Unmanned freight aircraft

Drones are here to stay, offering the potential to carry cargo over short and long distances on routes which are unfeasible by other modes of transport.  But what are the safety implications and what does the business model look like?    

  • ChairSanjeev Gadhia, Founder and CEO, Astral Aviation (Chair)
  • Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder, Dromatics
  • Ed De Reyes, CEO, Sabrewing Aircraft Company Inc
  • Aleksey Matyushev, CEO & Co-founder, Natilus

11.15-12.15  Plenary – Air cargo’s value proposition

Building on a successful 2017, the industry is busy embracing new initiatives and learning how digitisation can enhance the customer experience. As we move into a new chapter for air cargo, what is the future looking like?

  • Chair: Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA
  • Pascal Belanger, VP and CCO, Winnipeg Airport Authority
  • Turhan Özen, CCO, Turkish Cargo
  • Alain Lumbroso, Manager/Senior Policy Advisor, Canadian Ministry of Transport, Transport Canada
  • Christopher Shawdon, Head of Business Development, CHAMP Cargosystems
  • Captain Val Tongo, Founder and CEO, Allied Allied Air

12.30-13.30 How can the air cargo industry work proactively with legislators to support a secure airfreight chain?

Our experts will look at latest regulatory and screening developments and explore who industry and government can collaborate to keep a secure air cargo chain moving.

  • Chair: Jennifer L Haigh, Business Development Manager, Air Cargo, K2 Solutions, Inc. 
  • Justin Jedlinski, Chief, Integrated Cargo Security, Aviation Security Directorate, Transport Canada
  • Warren Miller, Manager of Global Initiatives, TSA
  • Kester Meijer, Director Operational Integrity, Compliance and Safety – ISCM, KLM
  • Nick Platts, Head of Cargo, Heathrow Airport (LHR) 

12.30 - 13.30   Are Inland Ports in North America  over-hyped  or are they the next Big Thing? (Free to Attend)

Subjects covered include: Key ingredients for success; Know your place in the market; Having quadrimodal capacity; Right logistics and investment partners; Two-way logistics strategy; Nextgeneration design and technology

  • Chair: Brendan Dugan, Associate, Global Logistics Development Partners 
  • Mark Hendrickson, Director of Community and Economic Development, Merced County
  • Jonathan Lamb, President, Lake Superior Warehousing, Duluth Cargo Connect
  • Michael Inman, Head of Business Development, Port of Prince
  • Michael Murphy, Chief Development Officer, Centerpoint Properties
  • Dan Bresolin, Assistant Vice President of International Intermodal, CN

14.00-15.00 Distribution logistics in the age of e-commerce

Distribution warehousing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the supply chain due largely to the booming e-commerce market (the so-called “Amazon Effect”).

This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges for freight movers and their customers due to this phenomenon, which is driving the need for increased / enhanced warehousing, especially large-scale fulfilment and distribution centers, while warehousing continues to fulfil the needs of brick and mortar retail, manufacturing, the other fastest-growing sector – the global cold chain, expected to hit USD300 billion by 2023.

  • Chair: Peter Hurme, Programming Director, Cargo Logistics Canada
  • Kyri Fabios, Managing Director, Fedex Trade Networks (Canada)
  • Chris Steele, COO & President, North America, Investment Consulting Associates
  • Lance Trumble, Managing Director & Founding Partner, Tribal Partners
  • Alexi Lachambre, Vice President of Development and Investments, Aeroterm

14.00-15.00 North American rail freight – planning for growth (Free to attend)

Our panel brings together customers and operators to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the industry, including: Service quality; Capacity constraints; Investment; Rail Freight Competition.

  • Chair: Bob Ballantyne, President, Freight Management Association of Canada
  • Ken Coffin, Assistant Vice-President Domestic Transportation, Canadian Tire
  • Keith Reardon, Senior Vice-President, CN 
  • Erik Bohn, Director Logistics & Customer Service Americas, Omya Inc
  • Michael O. Miller, CCO North America, Genesee & Wyoming Inc

15.30-16.30 The blurred line between logistics and technology services – the blending of technology and service provision

Panellists will analyze whether air cargo is delivering its value proposition on speed and consistent execution, and if the industry is doing enough to enhance its customer experience. They will also look at whether current industry practices are suitable for bringing in new ideas, entrants and models, and if, in any of these areas need improvement how can we, as individuals, try to improve the situation in the next two years.

  • Chair: Dheeraj Kohli, Vice President & Global Head, Unisys
  • Paul Ritchie, VP of Business Development for EMEA, WiseTech Global
  • Ben Gesing, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation DHL Trend Research – Project Manager, DHL Innovation Center
  • Walid Khoury, Managing Director, ALS Logistics Solutions
  • Neel Jones Shah, SVP and Global Head of Airfreight, Flexport
  • Kester Meijer, Director Operational Integrity, Compliance and Safety – ISCM, KLM

15.30-16.30 The airside transport benchmark study - What did we learn from the Pharma.Aero project?

Most temperature deviations occur during airside transit between the cargo warehouse and the aircraft (on the tarmac), according to Pharma shippers. As this is the weak link in the airfreight supply chain, Pharma.Aero conducted the Airside Transport Benchmark Project to identify best practices and potential areas of improvement. The panel will discuss current industry practices, trends, and it will make recommendations on improving airside Pharma transport.

  • Jimmy Nares, Vice Chairman, Pharma.Aero, Section Chief of Aviation Marketing, Miami International Airport

15.30-16.30 Phase II of the digitization project: A need for defining validated lanes on airfreight pharma

After successfully closing the DIGI 1.0 within Pharma.Aero, the DIGI 2.0 project was launched within the Pharma.Aero membership. Pharma.Aero will assist and support the development of the Global Pharma Tracker (GPT), which makes it possible to monitor and track temperature-controlled pharma shipments end-to-end, provide a single-version-of-truth together with the detection of temperature excursions real-time, and enable statistical and KPI analyses. ​

  • Jaisey Yip, Associate General Manager, Cargo & Logistics/Air Hub Innovation, Changi Airport Group
  • Paul Delbar, Solution Architect, Nallian 

17.00-18.00 The next level after the CEIV validation project Will the pharmaceutical industry review their audit policies towards operators?

CEIV has become the worldwide standard for pharmaceutical airfreight logistics. By optimizing the audits and assessment of CEIV, Pharma.Aero, working with the pharmaceutical industry, achieved a validation report. This will significantly reduce audits for the Pharma shippers who currently accept the conventional CEIV methodology. Therefore, when CEIV is certified, it might impact the audit frequency of pharmaceutical shippers. On this panel, project experts and members will share details of the project and its results.

  • Chair: Frank van Gelder, Secretary General, Pharma.Aero
  • Geert Verniers, BD Director and Partner, 4Advice Gian
  • Carlo Alessi, Head of Cargo, EuroAirport Basel
  • Nathan De Valck, Cargo & Product Development Manager, Brussels Airport Company

17.00-18.00 Training

“In America and Britain [on-the-job] training has fallen roughly in half in the past two decades. Companies are often loathe to provide it,” (Bartleby, ‘Time to get in training’, The Economist, Pg 49, August 11, 2018). Organizations such as TIACA, with SASI, and CIFFA and companies such as Air Canada, Hawaiian, and Southwest Airlines are proactively addressing this issue. The panel, which brings together professional educators and Air Canada, will address the needs and benefits for continuous education and training.

  • Chair: Charles H.W. Edwards, Education and Research Committee, TIACA 
  • Tim Strauss, VP Cargo, Air Canada
  • Stephen McDermott, Director: Education, Training and Marketing, CIFFA
  • Noel P. Greis, Director, Center for Logistics and Digital Strategy, Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, and Adjunct Professor, Operations
  • Derek Palmer, Director, Cargo Hub Operations and Customer Service, Air Canada

17.00-18.00 Women’s networking cocktail Hosted by Air Canada Cargo.

An invitation for women to network, make new connections, and share ideas. Open to all.

19.00-21.00 ACF 2020 host reception

Hosted by Miami International Airport.



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