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Mandata (Management and Data Services), was formed in 1974 as a collaboration between North East Co-operative Laundries and Andrew Wilson to provide computer facilities for the Laundries' own data processing requirements and to exploit local market demand for these services.

For the first five years this arrangement proved to be successful, especially in relation to obtaining work from outside organisations. During this period Andrew Wilson acceded full control of the company following the retirement from the Laundries of one of the main instigators of the venture.

During the 1980's the business continued to expand and moved away from the data processing origins to a developer and reseller of its own financial accounting software. During this period share ownership was widened on several occasions, but by 1991 was totally held by Don Welsh and Andrew Wilson.

By the early 1990's the company had passed the GBP1M turnover mark and was developing an excellent reputation as a company that specialised in the development and resale of financial software for the Construction industry. This period also saw the start of the Road Haulage Industry being approached as a target market, with continued work from the Co-operative Societies, as a legacy from the Company's founding.

In 1990/91 the Company also changed its structure, to provide for certain key employees, in that a new holding Company was formed, Mandata Group Plc, which was equally owned by Andrew Wilson and Don Welsh. In turn this Company held 50/54ths of Mandata with the remaining balance being held equally by four senior employees.

With a portfolio of traffic office solutions, warehouse management, vehicle and delivery tracking solutions; no matter what your requirements are, Mandata can help.

In view of the ever increasing costs of software development Mandata made the initial steps towards the next generation of products by the commitment to purchase and be involved in the development of a set of financial ledgers together with two other companies.

The haulage and logistics industry is a complex and ever-evolving sector where no two businesses have the same requirements. Therefore Mandata has developed user-friendly software solutions that can be fully tailored to suit the way you operate. You can rest assured that, as your company grows, your software will keep pace with you.

In 1993 the next stage of the Company's development occurred in recognition of the increasing use of Computer Networks. Mandata established a division to deal with this aspect and also to ensure that the company had expertise within this field for the supply of it's own core software products to larger customers.

Since 1994 there has been a broadening of focus for the Company. From that time onwards a concentrated effort in development and marketing has been directed towards the Road Haulage Industry with very impressive results.

The Mandata Philosophy

At Mandata we believe that software should assist and support your business, rather than dictate processes and procedures. We understand the importance of providing software that will flex to fit your business.

The software we develop can work simply 'off-the-shelf' or, if required, can be easily tailored to suit your exact needs. Whether that means adding or deleting fields, changing colour codes, or making more complex programming changes specific to your business alone, Mandata will be able to satisfy your requirements.

As a first step we carry out a comprehensive analysis of your business needs.

When we have gathered all of this information together, we review your requirements in full before coming back to you with a full proposal, detailed costing and a timetable for programming and installation.

Once the contract is agreed, an implementation team will be allocated to work on the installation of your software, dealing with any programming, hardware and training requirements you may have.

When the software is installed, we can provide you with a standard test system to begin with so that your team can familiarise themselves with the software before going live with real data.

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