Russell invests £40,000 in safer driving

The Russell logistics group has invested £40,000 in placing forward-facing cameras in each of its 200+ road vehicles to help identify the causes of accidents and improve driver performance.

To highlight the company's belief in the system, it by-passed a trial phase and completed the full roll-out in one go, including training drivers to use the Smartwitness SVC100 vehicle journey recorders.

The 170-degree forward-facing cameras are mounted at the top of the windscreen, where they don't affect driver visibility, and group safety manager Jim McCubbin says the take-up from his staff has been fantastic.

"We thought there may have been some hesitation from drivers, but as soon as we explained the purpose of the cameras, and that they only filmed the road, and not them, everyone was on board," said Jim.

"The cameras are able to show pretty much straight away what the circumstances were in the event of an accident, and this has had a huge impact so far. The number of claims has significantly reduced, and we've been able to use the data to defend claims of wrong-doing, as well as help drivers to improve their performance."

Footage can be paired with GPS and telemetry data to identify the causes of, for example, hard braking or aggressive cornering.

"We can also review the footage to see the cause of accidents," he said. "We can take the information and use it as a training tool. Our drivers appreciate this, rather than just classroom theory, as it's what they have really experienced on the roads."

"The safety of our drivers is hugely important to The Russell Group and is at the core of everything we do. We want to do everything we can for the safety of the public and our drivers, and this investment is already paying dividends."

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