MCP plc to pilot a new haulier specific Destin8 Module

MCP, the UK’s leading provider of Port Community Systems, has once again pushed ahead with an exciting new innovation – Destin8 Drive, a product which will add even more to the MCP services already enjoyed by the multimodal community

Drive, a fully integrated module of MCP’s Destin8, has been designed specifically for the haulage sector. It provides a haulier-centric view of relevant status information, in real time and in one place.

“The objective of Destin8 Drive has been to deliver speed and simplicity for traffic operators,” said Steve Lamb, MCP’s General Manager.

“By analysing Destin8 usage, we were able to draw together all of the functions used by hauliers and combine them into a ‘super screen’, Destin8 Drive.”

The screen itself resembles a clear traffic sheet structure, with sophisticated filtering options. The integral consignment status information is displayed using traffic light indicators. Is the consignment Landed? Cleared? Released to haulage? At each point, the status will update automatically during the screen self-refresh. For example, when the carrying vessel arrives, the Landed indicator will change from red to amber. If the data is available, via a link between Destin8 and the terminal’s own system, the estimated time of landing can be checked – and when the consignment lands, the indicator turns green.

“When the decision was made to develop this new module, we took the opportunity to meet with various hauliers to gain further operational insight and ideas from the people that will use it,” said Steve.

“From these consultations, we developed additional haulier functions in Destin8.”

Where possible, Destin8 Drive draws and displays vehicle booking system (VBS) information, again in real time. The import haulier also has the opportunity to apply their company code against the export return, so that the export in-gate notification is sent to them. PIN numbers can be system generated for speed and security, and consignment status information can be sent to a subcontractor’s email address at the click of a button.

“The pilot companies currently using Destin8 Drive will be providing feedback and we look forward to continuing to build on this new module with all of our customers,” said Alan Long, MCP’s Chief Executive.

From the end of February, all hauliers subscribing to Destin8 will be able to join the pilot, which will continue until the end of 2015

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