Dynamar has just issued the latest report in its Shipping Insight Series


Since 1981, Dynamar has provided Transport and Shipping Information and Consultancy services for the Marine, Energy and Financial sectors. Dynamar today is world's leading container sector credit risk analyst and a major provider of analytical container shipping news and commentary.

Significant details and some interesting findings of the new report are below:-

- Ocean transport of fresh produce accounts for 2.7% of the worldwide seaborne trade of dry cargoes of all kinds
- For the first time ever, the seaborne transport of fresh produce exceeded 100 million tons in 2014
- Brand-operators (fruit traders) are continuing their way to out from conventional reefer shipping
- The refrigerated Merger & Acquisition frenzy will continue over the next years
- The size of the reefer container fleet has reached 2.45 million TEU in 2014
- Conventional reefer capacity is to decline by over 60% to just around 140 vessels by 2025


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