50% growth in transactions sparks investment in new EMC2 platform at Mandata


New investment lays foundations for further growth for Mandata and its customers as it upgrades its IT platform and infrastructure to continue to deliver the highest levels of customer service.

The last two years have been a period of significant achievement and real commercial success as the company has seen an impressive 50% increase in the volume of transactions being completed via its mission critical transport management systems.

Growth is due to both the increased number of haulage companies using Mandata’s systems - and the success of its customers - there has been a continued rise in the number of jobs being processed.

This has been achieved in the face of continuing pressure on costs, a demanding customer environment and the constant drive to add real value in a tough and competitive sector. No mean feat and surely a ringing endorsement of Mandata’s reputation for quality and providing effective, beneficial solutions – in the last 12 months alone, the volume of transactions being processed by the transport management system Manpack3 has more than doubled.

In looking to the future, Mandata has made the necessary commitment – and investment – in a high performance EMC2 enterprise-class network infrastructure platform from Synapse 360.
This will enable the company to continue to ensure customer satisfaction and performance levels are met time after time.
Mandata’s Cloud solutions have now been made available using the new EMC infrastructure which in turn provides both a scalable, stable and secure environment for customer data, as well as proprietary software applications. This will ensure that end-users will get optimum usage from its integrated systems.
Ian Dunbar, IT manager at Mandata, said: 
“We have invested in the class-leading technologies to give customers room for growth and access to the most responsive systems available 24/7. We’ve already seen a noticeable improvement in performance.
“This is critical because our customers rely on us for the fast and efficient delivery of information to the desktop, over the web and on mobile technology. We need to have the right infrastructure in place to cope with these demands.
“By upgrading our systems we are not only future-proofing our business but also that of our customers.
“The EMC2 network provides the very highest performance standards enabling us to meet the exacting standards our customers demand.”

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